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This page in Hungarian
English Language learning resources
Star Trek page, featuring pics of Enterprise-C, Voyager page
My favorite artists.  Photos of Bob Marley. Buy albums.
Info on the nation I live in from the perspective of an expat
You never know what a learner of English will say! Enjoy!
Virtual music shop! Vast selection: jazz, pop/rock, classical, etc. Something fishy.  Something wierd.

Talking Fish

Click to see more cartoonsThe Real Talking Fish lives, writes, translates and teaches in Budapest, Hungary, where he has a really nice Hungarian family.

Living as an American in Hungary makes me a talking fish--remarkable primarily for my language. Attention to the actual content of my speech is optional. A woman once asked me to say something in Hungarian, so I started to formulate a sentence: "Well..."

"Thank you!" beamed the woman, and walked off.

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john barefield

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In addition to finding out about the country where I live and finding links to Hungarian websites in English, you can read about Star Trek and view pictures from Star Trek: Voyager and pictures and stats of Enterprise C, view the homepage of the place where I work, read about Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, check out their pictures and buy their albums. Shop in my Ultra Music Empire for albums and music-related merchandise. Shop for books, magazines and more at Home Page. Read funny student bloopers. See the cover of my book on English language testing and read a bit about it, and ogle the Hungarian version of this page uncomprehendingly.

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