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The People

A ship is only as good as the people on board. They've got a good mix on Voyager, and a good sense for the character of each. Brave and militarily efficient yet shy and peace-loving First Officer Chikotay. Quick-tempered, down-to-earth, but slightly unimaginative Chief Engineer Belanna. The sardonic, voluable doctor, confident in medical matters, yet uncertain of all else, even his own identity. Paris, ever ready with a joke, but never ready to discuss his own feelings. Seven of Nine, perhaps my favorite character, a mass of conflicting strengths and weaknesses: strong in her opinions, unsure of her place in society, or what society even is. Physically the strongest character, but the most alone, even more than the captain. All of the characters have some conflict to call their own, even Neelix (not my favorite character): ever jolly, very much the ham, but with a tragic past and eager to belong--he may be the only one in the universe who would rather be on Voyager than anywhere else. As much in conflict as anybody else is the captain, outwardly confident and willing to die for her ideals, yet tortured by the feeling that she has failed her crew, a feeling that has its root in what may be her greatest strength--the overriding idealism that lead her to strand her crew in the Delta Quadrant in the first place.


Captain Kathryn Janeway

Rank: Captain
Current assignment: Commanding officer, U.S.S. Voyager
Home region: Indiana, North America, Earth
Parents: Late Admiral and Mrs. Janeway
Siblings: One sister
Education: Starfleet Academy graduate
Marital status: Single, engagement recently broken
Office: U.S.S. Voyager, Deck 1 Ready Room adjoining Bridge
Starfleet Career Summary: Science officer under Adm.
Paris on the U.S.S. Al-Batani , Arias mission 2171 Given command of U.S.S. Voyager, new Intrepid-class starship, presumed lost in the Badlands

In commenting on her role, Kate Mulgrew said "Captain Kathryn Janeway is the quintessential woman of the future . . . both commanding and discerning in her warmth; she's authoritative while remaining accessible." She added, "Beneath her extraordinary control runs a very deep vein of vulnerability and sensitivity that I look forward to exploring in seasons to come."
We have now learned that she is driven partly by an almost suicidal urge to sacrifice herself in redemption for stranding her crew in the Delta quadrant in order to preserve the ideals of Starfleet. fortunately she was prevented by the crew.

threats.wav Sometimes first contact is last contact.wav Don't 16 department heads report to you every day?!?.wav


Commander Chakotay

Even the best crew includes rifts and divisions. Chakotay has never been fond of Commander Tuvok, but put aside his feeling in oder to ask the Vulcan for help when trying to get to the bottom of his captain's unspeakable depression.

A graduate of the Academy, this descendant of Native Americans went on to serve Starfleet and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander. When his home world became under threat from Cardassia, he joined the Maquis. Inevitably becoming an outlaw, he waged a terrorist campaign against the Cardassians, until his starship was spirited to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. He serves now as First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Voyager, where he would exert a calming influence on the Maquis members who were forced to join the Starfleet crew.


The Doctor

As only an emergency holographic supplement to the medical staff, the doctor was not programmed to function as a Chief Medical Officer. However, due to the loss of the U.S.S. Voyager 's entire medical personnel, he has had to fill this role. He is designed and programmed with information from 2000 medical reference sources and the experience of 47 individual medical officers. The Doctor is proving himself to be an extremely capable and efficient officer. Kes was trained by him to be his assistant, a role now in the hands of Paris. Kes helped The Doctor to develop social skills and to gain a further understanding of human nature.


Lieutenant Paris

At first a slightly forced character, he became more realistic as time went on. He has a brash, fun-loving, cynical exterior, covering an emotionally constipated spirit, unable to deal with or even admit to strong emotions, whether for his father or his lover. Remember when he thought he was going to die, buried alive in the Alpha flyer? He sent a lively, ironic, even flippant message to Belanna, but the look on his face when he heard the honest, open confession of love in his crewmate's message to her daughter spoke volumes.


Seven of Nine

The Borg Queen claims that Seven was planted aboard Voyager in order to learn more about humanity. Nevertheless, Seven is a loyal member of the crew. Why she would wear spiked heels is anybody's guess, but the character is way more than a sci-fi sex appeal magnet for young male viewers. So full of obvious Borg strengths, the lost orphan child she was when she first left humanity is still visible just under the surface. Maybe that's why the relationship between her and the child, Naomi Wildman, is so interesting.


Where will the voyage end?


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