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The People

The ship is only as good as the people on board. They've got a good mix on Voyager, and a good sense for the character of each. Brave and militarily efficient yet shy and peace-loving First Officer Chikotay. Quick-tempered, down-to-earth, but slightly unimaginative Chief Engineer Belanna. The sardonic, voluable doctor, confident in medical matters, yet uncertain of all else, even his own identity. Paris, ever ready with a joke, but never ready to discuss his own feelings. Seven of Nine, perhaps my favorite character, a mass of conflicting strengths and weaknesses: strong in her opinions, unsure of her place in society, or what society even is. Physically the strongest character, but the most alone, even more than the captain. All of the characters have some conflict to call their own, even Neelix (not my favorite character): ever jolly, very much the ham, but with a tragic past and eager to belong--he may be the only one in the universe who would rather be on Voyager than anywhere else. As much in conflict as anybody else is the captain, outwardly confident and willing to die for her ideals, yet tortured by the feeling that she has failed her crew, a feeling that has its root in what may be her greatest strength--the overriding idealism that lead her to strand her crew in the Delta Quadrant in the first place.