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Star Trek: Voyager: Pictures and analysis of the ship and crew
Star Trek joke page: Send in your own!
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C: some unusual pics!
Q.U.E.S.T. Star Trek news and links
Magyar nyelvŻ honlap: Hungarian language homepage

If you have to ask...

I canít help it! Iím addicted to Star Trek! In all of its forms, I love the show. I thought I would outgrow it, but I never did, and I challenge anyone to show me a valid reason why I should. In a manner of speaking, the show grew up with me, branching out in new directions. The affirmation of a positive future for the human race, the faith in the human (or what have you) intellect to overcome new and challenging environments, the feeling of its being so very real for me, not to mention That Certain Something that You Canít Quite Pin Down. I hope to have a lot of cool ST pages in the future, and a Hungarian version soon, as that is a nation sadly deprived of the Star Trek phenomenon. I have this kind of micro-mission to make them aware of it.



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