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Dear Sir,

Some days ago I was in Hungary for job and I passed a pair of nights in the Capital. I found it really nice but I am not sure I will visit it again, not for my own.

After dinner the first night I was having a walk in the centre when two ladies stopped to me for asking if I had fire to light their cigarettes. I replied them in English that I don't smoke, so that was just the beginning. They said to me they had exited from a cinema and having a walk like me, they asked where I was from, so I said to be Italian.

One of them so started to speak a discrete Italian, she said to have some friends from Riccione and that she learned from them when coming to Hungary for the summer.

It seemed to be a good company, I was not looking for an adventure that night, but she was nice and for me it was a good occasion to socialise with local people, nothing more.

Anyway after half an hour looking the city from the Danube's Pest side, we went to a near disco pub because the girl speaking Italian said to need a toilet. It was an occasion to sit down somewhere taking a drink and speaking better.

We have spoken about Hungary, Italy, trips and families, many things and different point of view.

Five small bottles of Fleixenet and two Red Bull was our drinking in something more than one hour of meeting, so finally like a gentleman I asked the bill.

81000 HUF!! ....well I said to the nice waiter, I don't understand, are you joking!? It's a lot of money! I calculated it in Euro, I couldn't to believe to my eyes.

She replied that it was on the list, 15000 HUF for each small bottle of "champagne"! I said that was a stolen and anyway I hadn't so much cash.

No problem she said, the bankomat is behind the corner! so I gave a look to the few people in the pub, better to go I thought so we went together to get fresh money, and I paid!

I really didn't know what to do, if to call police or what, those five small bottle (totally maybe 1 Litre) of Spanish white wine couldn't to cost so much, but that price was on the list--in small letters--and I drank that wine with the girls.

So, to finish, Mr John, I don't know if this is the right address where to write about my experience. My money is lost, I want just to say that what happen to me is unforgettable, for sure the two girls had a plan with the pub people and that's really miserable, I can imagine that it happens every night to someone, and all this people when thinking to Hungary and Hungarian people will remember that situation like me.

Anyway, please if you can, transmit my mail for advising new foreigner coming to Budapest and please, say to Hungarian that someone of them is not really doing a good job!



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