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Rap has its roots in Reggae. Years ago, Jamaican DJs would talk or sing over recorded songs. Reggae artists brought this sound to New York, where it gained popularity at dances, and was finally released in 'Planet Rock' by Zulu Nation.

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If you can create that one special sound that sets you apart, then you will be a legend. Glenn Miller did it, the early rockers did it, and so did Bob Marley. A special beat, a special feeling just carries you away. Well, ME away, anyway. The so-often-called-legendary Bob Marley was not ‘manufactured’ like so many other stars. He developed his sound in a grass roots movement from the poverty-stricken neighborhoods of his native Jamaica, a genuine original.

When I listen to his music, sometimes crooning, sometimes strident, I feel an honesty lacking from other artists, who ‘sample’ songs from a better period, or any period, without any of the feeling of the original.
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Album cover

Family picture


In concert

Album cover


Bob Marley & the Wailers: Keep on Skanking

In concert in London

On the cover of Rolling Stone: 66.6 Kbytes

Preparing for the concert in London

In concert again

Looking thoughtful

On the cover of Rolling Stone II: 53.4 Kbytes

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