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This page in Hungarian English Language learning resources Star Trek page, featuring pics of Enterprise-C, Voyager page My favorite artists.  Photos of Bob Marley. Buy albums. Info on the nation I live in from the perspective of an expat You never know what a learner of English will say! Enjoy! Something fishy.  Something wierd. The Real Talking Fish lives, writes, translates and teaches in Budapest, Hungary, where he has a really nice Hungarian family. 

Living as an American in Hungary makes me a talking fish--remarkable primarily for my language. Attention to the actual content of my speech is optional. A woman once asked me to say something in Hungarian, so I started to formulate a sentence: "Well..." I began, in Hungarian.

"Thank you!" beamed the woman, and changed the topic--in English. It never occured to her that I might say more than a single word. Or worse, I might actually begin speaking Hungarian--and put an end to her "free English lesson."

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Insider's view of Hungary Read the Budapest Journal for an insider's view of the life, culture, times and society of the Hungarian nation.
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In addition to finding out about the country where I live and finding links to Hungarian websites in English, you can read about Star Trek and view pictures from Star Trek: Voyager and pictures and stats of Enterprise C, read about Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, check out their pictures and buy their albums. Shop in my Ultra Music Empire for albums and music-related merchandise. Shop for books, magazines and more at the Home Page. Read funny student bloopers. See the cover of my book on English language testing and read a bit about it, and ogle the Hungarian version of this page uncomprehendingly. 

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