good friend here in Hungary informed me: "On my way out I forgot to feed the hamster, but I remembered to drink it."

ou might be surprised at the story of one pupil’s grandmother. When she was crossing over the road, she was knocked down by a car, fell on her backside, and lost her conscience.

nother fellow gives information for tourists. On the hill above Budapest is the Castle, a massive erection where Hungarian kings sat for centuries.

nother wrote his colleague: please stop by the office if you pass away.

nother is for real liberation: women should be able to go to work, or to stay home and do the household staff if they want.

household tip from many students: the attic is a good place to hide your values.

ere you aware: Hungary should join to the European Onion, the world's largest free trade zone without taxis.

y wife, mother and I had dinner at a nice French restaurant here in Hungary, where there were a lot of interesting items on the menu, including "cheesed broad with garnish." I admit I was curious, but refrained from a taste out of deference to the ladies present.

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