More Gems!

Supplied by Christine Sarvari

Here they are! More of those lovely, irresistable errors people make on their English exams. All below guaranteed authentic.

According to the text, the camel is the 'sheep of the dessert'."
[According to the text, the camel was the 'ship of the desert'.]
Sheep of the dessert. Yum!

If you eat fatty foods then your blood blubber level will be too high!

The mother in this picture is milking her baby.


There is a camping car in the picture, it is behind you.

This picture was taken on a salty beach (in the picture there was a sandy beach)

The man is lifting weights. He is a shoplifter.

Examiner: What type of doctor would you like to be?
Student: Well, maybe a G.P, surgeon, or maybe a pedestrian!

The woman's face is smiling!

Hi, I live in the neighbour and I am impressed!

You MUST take an aspirin until you get a headache.

On Easter Monday boys come and strike woman with bottles of perfume.
[Hungarian boys sprinkle girls with perfume.]

After the exam today I am going to eat the menu.

Scientists have been searching for floods for ages.

I don't eat meat. I am a vegetable.

There are conservatives in the lemons.

You should eat my child.
[Ugh...we usually say 'feed'...?]

The person who lives here is well done.

There are a lot of airplanes standing at the airport

Champagne was enlisted in 1768.

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All images © 2000 John Barefield (except the plane, the burger and the whale).

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